A survey study of public awareness on hand sanitizer recalls in Canada


  • Amy Yang Author
  • Helen Heacock Supervisor
  • BCIT School of Health Sciences Environmental Health Institution


hand sanitizer, product recalls, Health Canada, consumer awareness, public health, COVID-19


The Covid-19 pandemic has created a high demand for hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of pathogens. This resulted in a hand sanitizer shortage on the market and promoted more manufactures to produce and sell hand sanitizers. Meanwhile, Health Canada has recalled many hand sanitizers due to potential health risks for various reasons such as products that contain unauthorized ingredients. However, the general public in Canada might not notice hand sanitizer recalls and/or underestimate the risk of using recalled hand sanitizers. This research study was conducted to determine the general public awareness regarding hand sanitizer recalls.


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Yang, M. M., Heacock, H., & Environmental Health, B. S. of H. S. (2021). A survey study of public awareness on hand sanitizer recalls in Canada. BCIT Environmental Public Health Journal. Retrieved from https://journals.bcit.ca/index.php/ehj/article/view/195