A statistical comparison of restaurant infractions between Toronto and Vancouver


  • Anvir Thandi Author
  • Dale Chen Supervisor
  • BCIT School of Health Sciences Environmental Health Institution




inspections, infractions, food safety, restaurants, critical, non-critical, minor, crucial, sit-down, reports, comparison, Vancouver, Toronto, DineSafe, Vancouver Coastal Health, Public health, Environmental Health Officer


Across Canada, restaurant inspections are conducted to ensure that the food served to the public in almost all public eating facilities, is safe to consume and sell. The ratings and infractions correspond with the standards a restaurant is operating in compliance with legislation. There have been indications in the past of restaurants in different regions or serving specific types of food, receiving lower ratings than others. Currently, there is a lack of knowledge and research on the difference between major cities in Canada, regarding restaurant infractions. By focussing on Vancouver and Toronto restaurants, this research may provide insight into the different legislation of the two regions, highlight different Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) practices and ultimately provide information for knowledge translation into policies that these regions follow.


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Thandi, A., Chen, D., & Environmental Health, B. S. of H. S. (2022). A statistical comparison of restaurant infractions between Toronto and Vancouver. BCIT Environmental Public Health Journal. https://doi.org/10.47339/ephj.2021.193